Skolon Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This privacy policy describes how Skolon AB (Skolon, we, us or our), corp. reg. no.556958-4120, at the address Pirgatan 13, 374 35 Karlshamn, process user personal data.

Welcome to Skolon, this is our privacy policy. We have two primary goals with this policy:
To explain to you why and how we use the data that we collect and process.

We believe that this privacy policy should answer any and all of your questions about our processing and protection of your personal data. However should any additional questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us at

We will need to change or amend this policy in the future as new legal requirements, technology and features arise. Before we do that we will inform you in a timely and appropriate manner so you will be able to review the changes beforehand.

2. Personal data we process

In this section you can find what personal data we process. Skolon collect and process personal data on the behalf of our customers under a Data Protection Agreement (DPA), if you want a copy of the DPA that you are under, please consult your local Skoladmin or if you are a Skoladmin you can find it in the Skolon admin interface.

Generally we collect data through an automated sync with the school administration system or a similar database. Note that we do not always collect and/or process all of the data described below. We also collect your data when you register for one of our events or webinars.

Contact information:
Your name Name(s), Email, Address, Personal Identity number and Telephone number and information regarding the organization you represent as well as any agreements you have entered into with us on your or your organizations behalf.

User account information:
Username, Password, Photo (Profile picture)

Usage data:
How you set up your access rights, who has license to which educational tools, share your Results and judgements to services set up by you.

Browser information:
What type and version of browser, website from which you have been referred, pages you use on our website; your IP-address and a rough location estimate based on your IP-address; information about your web activity on our site or your interaction in emails we send to you; information on your use of our services.

Calendar and event information:
If you interact with a third party service (such as G Suite or Microsoft Teams) when using our Services, the applicable third party service will give us access to your calendar and events. We only store and process information for events if it was created by our service, in order to present this information to invited users. We also process calendar information to determine what types of video conferences are available.

Document information:
If you interact with a third party service (such as G Suite or Microsoft Teams) when using our Services, the applicable third party service will give us access to your files. We only interact with files provided to our Services by the end user. Our Services interacts with provided files by sharing and copying files to a Service Account. Files copied by our Service Account will be made available to other end users for export to Classroom or Teams. When exported the files will be copied onto the end users account.

3. How we handle your personal data

Here we will explain how we implement our protection through systematic, organizational and technical measures to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of your personal data.

3.1 Where your data is stored

We strive to always store your data within EU/EES, however in certain situations we will need to transfer and process some of the data outside of the EU/EES by a supplier or sub processor. Skolon will take all reasonable legal, technical and organisational measures to ensure that your data is secure and treated with protection in line with the level that EU/ESS state. You can find which sub processors we use and where they store and process the data, below in section 5.

3.2 How your data is stored and transferred securely

All personal data that we process, store and transfer is handled according to industry standard that include managing user names, password in a safe way. When our trusted partners access data it is through encrypted ways such as SSL/TLS and secure API Keys. We always prefer to use internationally recognized security standards.

3.3 Routines and policies

We have multiple routines and policies documented for the following areas:

3.4 Retention time

We only keep your data as long as it is necessary for us to complete our contractual obligations and retention time and as required by statutory retention periods. We will automatically delete the data if an automated sync contract is terminated or if it has been requested via our system or by mail.

4. Reasons that we process personal data

Here we describe why we process your data and outline the reasons for our processing. Those guidelines limit the way we process personal data.

4.1 Provide our services

To be able to communicate and provide you with the services that Skolon offer we need to collect and process at least some of the the data listed in section 2. This includes providing you access to Skolon, different premium features, providing support, training and general information regarding our services. We process the personal data to fulfil our contractual obligations towards you and our customer.

4.2 Improve our services

In an effort to improve our services (such as, features, user interface, support, troubleshooting, customer satisfaction, data analysis, testing, research, and statistical purposes) we process your personal data. We also produce statistics on how you use our services, web activity on our website, do customer satisfaction surveys and activity associated with emails we send you. We process this data, to the extent possible, in an aggregated or anonymized form. It is in our legitimate interest that we process this data for the purpose of improving our service.

4.3 Communication

We also use your data in our communication with you which include sending marketing mail and emails, conduct customer satisfaction surveys and events. Our marketing mail and emails are sent to you if you opt in and you can always opt out through using the unsubscription link or contacting us at

5. Sub processors

Below are listed the Sub-processors that have been approved by the Customer for use by the Supplier to Process Personal Data under this DPA.


Please specify below the full name of Approved Sub-processors


Please specify below the locations where Personal Data will be Processed by each Sub-processor.


(if applicable)

Amazon Web Services, Inc

Frankfurt, Germany

Google Ireland Limited

Within the EU

Zendesk, Inc.

Within the EU

The Rocket Science Group, LLC (MailChimp marketing service)

Atlanta, USA

Adequacy decision – Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) approved by The European Commission